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See our range of industry related accessories that can be conveniently added to any Pegus order - a selection of opportunities to increase your commercial activity!

   Pegus AP200 Mirror Adhesive - The strongest, most UV-resistant and fastest mirror adhesive available!
   Two-part. 200 applications. Unbeatable value - try it and see why this adhesive is in a class by itself.

   Pegus RVMA-P1 Single-App Mirror Adhesive - Two-part adhesive that permanently bonds mirror bracket in
   minutes. Single application package designed for both professional installers and general public.
   Dependability and convenience!

   Pegus Primer Applicators - 100% wool dauber applicators ideal for primer application.  Available in a variety
   of sizes.

   Pegus Windscreen Removal Kit - High quality tools for wire cut-outs.  Kit includes Starter Tool,
   Wire and Handles.

   Pegus Cut-Out Wire - Braided copper-coated strands for fast cutting. 21.9m per coil. Complete removal
   kits also available.

   GGG Universal Mouldings - The most complete and competitive range on the market.  Available in EPDM
   rubber as well as vinyl.  Resistant to extreme weather conditions allowing them to remain in great

   GGG Vehicle Specific Mouldings - Direct fit mouldings engineered for the auto glass aftermarket.
   Fit, finish and quality drive the GGG designs. Great variety with thousands of applications/models in stock!

   GGG Sensor Tack - Sensor Tack technology allows you to reapply rain and light sensors with O.E. like
   bond and performance. Innovation, variety and quality for your growing demand.  Do not waste any more time
   or money!

   Ultra Wiz Cut-Out Knives - Everything you need in manual knives for the aftermarket replacement of
   automotive glass. Variety, price, and innovation!

   Newborn Model 250 - High extrusion gun for cartridges, ideal for the application of urethane. With an
   extrusion rate of 18:1, the Newborn 250 ensures a smooth bead of urethane and less fatigue in your hands!

   Newborn Model 620AL - The highest value in the market for manual applicators for foil packs. Solid
   and durable, the Newborn 620AL offers a high extrusion rate of 18:1 combined with a light aluminum casing.