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Pegus Systems Launches Primerless AGR Urethane

Pegus Systems Launches Primerless AGR Urethane

Fri May 18, 2012
Pegus Systems Launches Primerless AGR Urethane

May 18, 2012

WALLED LAKE, MI - Pegus Systems USA is pleased to announce its new P400H. The latest addition to the Pegus line is a single component, high viscosity polyurethane adhesive designed for the replacement of automotive glass. By providing excellent adhesion to glass without the use of a primer, P400H gives new versatility to the Pegus Systems family of AGR adhesives. P400H is capable of adding value to the operations of any auto glass installer - this has shown to be especially true in regions where primer may not always be used on the glass. Research has shown that, when primer is not used, the P400H will produce much stronger adhesion than systems designed to be used with primer.

Pegus Systems points out that the use of primer may still be recommended on the vehicle’s pinch weld or with some frit bands found on the glass.

According to the president and founder of Pegus Systems, Michael Aughenbaugh, “P400H was created to meet the unique requirements of installers in the rapidly developing regions of the world.” In particular, the product is designed to produce the best possible windscreen installations where the preparation of the glass surface may not always follow standard industry procedures.

For free samples of the new P400H, please contact your local distributor or your Pegus Systems sales manager.