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Installer of the Month

Installer of the Month

Thanks to you and to all the professional AGR technicians who have visited our site. There is nobody more important to the image and success of our industry than you!

By creating the Pegus Installer of the Month Program, we want to recognize the people who actually get the job done and your importance to our brand. We also want to encourage communication between technicians around the world and Pegus Systems. Your feedback will guide us in our efforts to improve our adhesive systems.  Finally, we also want to have a little fun.

It’s a contest, and it’s pretty simple. We ask the Pegus technicians of the world to send us pictures of themselves with a cartridge or box of Pegus Systems. Each month we’ll select a winning photograph, based on originality and creativity.
The winner each month will receive a Pegus sport shirt and an UltraWiz 3005-K cutout knife, as well as the opportunity to participate in the Photo of the Year Contest at the end of each year. The winning Photo of the Year will receive a 10” Samsung Galaxy Tab.

There are only a few guidelines for participating:

- You should be a currently active technician
- You will need to provide your name
- You will need to provide the name and complete address of your employer
- Your photo should include both yourself and a cartridge or box of Pegus adhesive
- Your photo must be taken in “landscape” orientation
- You will need to provide Pegus Systems with the rights to publish your photo in future Pegus marketing campaigns, i.e. on our website or Facebook page

Be creative and have a laugh taking your picture. Extra points will be awarded for entertainment value!

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